Entire 2017 Formula Vee Season in 2 Minutes

Formula Vee 2017 - Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott

The Circular has compiled together all photographs of the 2017 Formula Vee season, taken by the meticulous photographers, Cregor Elliott, James Foley and Mark Ashby.

Also available on Vimeo:
Entire 2017 Formula Vee Season in 2 Minutes from John Ross Delahunt on Vimeo.

Formula Vee in 2018:

With the 2018 Formula Vee season fast approaching, keep an eye on the Formula Vee website’s ‘classifieds’ page for a new Vee. If you aspire to become one of 2018’s Formula Vee rookies, then be sure to obtain your Motorsport driving licence. If you would also like to find out what it takes to be a racing driver, you can opt for a ‘Race Experience’ at Mondello Park, this will give you a great insight into racing.

You can also check out the 2018 calendar to know what days to book off and cancel any plans you have! Be sure to have a look and listen to The Circular’s blog on ‘advice for newcomers’.

The Formula Vee 2017 has been the most eventful year of my life. The whole year has been both hard-hitting and exhilarating, the sport itself will show you both ends of the spectrum – when it’s going good, it’s amazing – and when it’s going bad, its shattering. The season has taught me an extreme amount about Motorsport and life, both on and off the track and how I should approach racing in the future. – John Ross Delahunt, #17 Formula Vee.

Full Formula Vee grid at Bishopscourt – Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott.

Also be sure to leave any comments you have on both the 2017 and 2018 seasons below.

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