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Electric bikes: 5 top picks for Dublin Cyclists

Have you ever waited at a stop for Dublin Bus up to 15 mins and missed the bus just because you had a quick look at your phone as the bus passed by? Well, that’s your fault. What about days the bus schedule doesn’t match the time of arrival or you faced heavy traffic congestion? One solution to commuting issues in Dublin is cycling- even the government encourages it through the bike-to-work scheme.

Cycling can be tedious especially when it’s used beyond exercising; as a means of constant transportation. Consequently, it is advisable to consider buying an elektrofahrräd– they come in different designs with functional features suitable for any type of user whether you are a student, a delivery person or even an office worker and they cost between 800 euros to 10,000 euros and more.

Here is a list of options to consider if you are new to the world of electric bikes or considering getting a better one:


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With its pannier rack, mudguard and built in lighting features, this electrically assisted bicycle is essentially designed for short trips and it can be purchased at at a price of 850euros. 

It comes in a low frame for easy mounting and suitable for most weather conditions with its black colour.

Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike 

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With its maximum range of up to 20 miles per battery charge, the bike weighs up to 16kg and is a front wheel drive. It comes at a price of 955 euros. The Apollo bike has a speed sensor which will get you moving as quick as you start your journey and get you to your destination in no time.


Bianchi E-Spillio by Oluseye Oyelakin

This is a classic designed modern bicycle made by the renowned bicycle manufacturers in Italy- Bianchi. The bike is firm, study and heavy, ready to hit most types of road. It is an hybrid bicycle but without a suspension system. This particular model is one of their very first, so you might find advanced features and designs in later versions such as Aria E-Road Ultegra. 

It has a bike assist system with a level 5 battery capacity that guarantees a complete tour of Dublin City centre and back to your destination. The price of this bicycle is 1500 euros depending on where you purchase from, you can purchase from Hollingsworth bicycle shop.

VanMoof S3

Vanmoof S3 by

With 2348 euros, you can get a dark or gray updated motor, automatic electronic gear shifting, and integrated anti-theft tech VanMoof S3. The bike is designed for riders between 170-210cm. It comes with one year free cover and a theft defense. The integrated hydraulic brake system is very precise in all weather conditions to help you stop whenever, as well as a removable PowerBank to charge your bike anywhere. VanMoof S3 also has a front and rear cargo capacity of 10kg and 15kg respectively. 

Trek Verve+ 2 Lowstep 500wh

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Verve+ 2 is an electric hybrid bike that will help you navigate your way and ride more. With 3149 euros, you can boost your daily commutes from the Bosch pedal-assist system. There is the availability of 300 Wh, 400 Wh or 500 Wh battery so you can pick the choice that best suits you. To absorb road bumps, the bike has suspension fork and seatpost. This e-bike also comes equipped with lights so you can ride at anytime.

Transportation is an important aspect of human life and this is one of the reasons we all try to look for the best options available – to ease stress and provide comfort. These electric bikes may not shield you from rain or harsh weather but they will get you to your destination faster.

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