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El Retiro Park, Madrid

Looking for an excuse to getaway? An escape from the Irish weather? This week The Circular has a perfect secret destination for you to experience that’s not too far away from home.

El Retiro
Photo Credit: FLICKR

On March 28th, The Circular took a trip to the famous El Retiro Park, located in the vibrant heart of Madrid, Spain.

In the El Retiro park
Photo Credit: FLICKR

Known as one of the largest parks in Europe, it was once owned by the Spanish Monarchy until the 19th century. Today, it is owned by the Spanish public and is visited by thousands of tourists everyday.

Similar to Central Park in New York City, the public park offers many activities and attractions. From the beautiful architecture, historical sculptures, bike rides and lake that surrounds the energetic park – it really is the perfect day out.

In El Retiro Park
Photo Credit: FLICKR

During the summer months, the park is known for holding many free events. Firework displays, book fairs, music gatherings or a trip with a loved one on a gondola around the lake is a must do.

While your wandering around the public park in the warm sunshine, ice-cream and food stations are set up around the pathways overlooking the green oasis.

And the best part is – its free! Likewise, if you ever happen to be in the city its a ten minute walk from the Puerto Del Sol.

An escape from reality some would say, El Retiro Park is a day of enjoyment and happiness with friends and family.

Video Credit: Hayley Doherty
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