Eight Customer Service Pitfalls


Customer Service – Photo Credit: lane becker (Flikr)

1. Working Weekends

“Coming out? No sorry, working”.


2. Customers asking for a discount or something free

These are chancers. You know they must try this in every shop they go to. We don’t make the prices on the till.


3. Having to deal with rude people

Don’t take your bad mood out on us. Would it kill you to give a smile?


4. People coming into the workplace when you’re about to close

Do you think I live here or something? You know, I’ve actually got to be somewhere else.


5. Constantly running out of change

All too often you will get customers paying for cheap products with €50 notes. Time to make another trip to Tesco to break change from the self service checkout.


6. Having the same questions asked over and over again

It becomes quite a mundane task repeating the same answers day in, day out. If I had dime for everytime I heard that.


7. Oversharing by the public

When customers decide to tell you their life stories. Man I’ve known you for all of twenty seconds. I don’t get paid enough for this.


8. Being blamed for products not working/ being faulty

Too often one will assume you have more responsibility than just serving customers. This includes assuming you are behind the manufacturing of merchandise.







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