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Effectiveness test: Traditional advert or Modern hype?

Photo by Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura from Pexels

After reading that “display means sales”, I had attempted trading by making sure my products were visible enough and my services, heard enough. Effective advertising is a strategic practice and it simply means getting the right audience and patronage for a particular product and service.

Choosing the right way to advertise a product can be quite challenging, however it should be based on the product utility, location and other relevant connections to the prospective customers. Not all product and service can be advertised online, neither can they all be successfully advertised traditionally; this is why both traditional and modern means of advertisement are still very relevant in the world today.

A billboard advertisement, be it the print form or the flashy digital ones (that also serve as street lights) are both consumed by the sight which eventually gains more publicity by word-of-mouth (one of the very first forms of traditional advertisement).

So, what’s your budget? This determines a lot- the higher the budget, the more intense an advert can be. Ironically, the intensity of an advert doesn’t ensure sales, it could result into irritation. Online advert is characterized by this phenomenon because it relies more on artificial intelligence.

It is therefore necessary to understand the variations of interest, needs and preferences of people, including those who may be looking for the best dallas video production services, to to determine whether to go traditional, modern or both in advertising products and services.

Below is a poll to choose between the two forms of advertising and kindly comment stating the reason for your choice.

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