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Education in Ireland’s Student Ambassador Awards 2019

Today international students and college representatives from third level institutions across Ireland gathered at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland on Dublin’s Kildare Street, No. 6, for the annual Student Ambassador Awards ceremony.

The event was initiated by Education in Ireland, a national brand managed by Enterprise Ireland and under the authority of the Minister for Education and Skills. Education in Ireland promotes Irish Higher Education Institutions overseas and provides funding and supports for college based researchers.

Over 60 international student ambassadors from all over the world, and around 50 scholarship holders were given their final certificate after a speech by the Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh. They also got the chance to meet their national ambassadors, form new contacts and networks throughout the ceremony.

The Circular asked the two Griffith College ambassadors, Alissa Nadine Zipp from Germany (BA Ord. in Business) and Lena Sperger from Austria (MA TV and Radio Journalism), why they decided to study in Ireland.

“Most people I know went to Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. or to the US to study but I wanted to do something different. My father used to live in Dublin and it was through this that I first became interested studying abroad here.”-  Alissa Nadine Zipp

The two German student ambassadors with the German ambassador Deike Potzel
credits: Lena Sperger

Ireland has had my heart since my first visit in 2013, when I worked as an au pair. Irish culture has influenced me greatly and I have never felt more at home in another country other than my home country, as I did when I lived in Ireland. And I still do!

Austrian student ambassador Lena Sperger who was accompanied by the Austrian Ambassador Helmut Freudenschuss

They both took part in the 2018/19 international student ambassador program, which gives students a voice and a chance to learn from each other’s experiences abroad. Throughout the year they participated in training sessions and events and also created blogposts about their experiences next to their studies. To find out more check it out by clicking here.

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