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Eating ‘Like a Lion’: Claims and Concerns Surrounding The Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet has been all over the internet in recent years with lots of supporters on YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and health forums. What is the carnivore diet? Well, its a diet consisting of only meat and dairy products. Its supporters claim that the ‘all meat diet’ is a cure for all sorts of conditions and promotes a healthier overall body– but is It true? Is there enough evidence and research to support their claims? The answer is no. Many health professionals have heavily condemned the diet pointing out that there are not enough studies or scientific evidence to support its claims. 

Claims                                                    Concerns

〉Weight loss                                                               〉Vitamin deficiency

〉Improved brain function                                          〉Increased risk of cancer

〉Better digestion                                                       〉Lack of research

〉Eliminates plant based irritants                              〉Cholesterol

〉Cure for cancer and disease                                    〉Uric acid overload

〉Improved heart health                                             〉Unhealthy relationships with food



People who have tried this carnivore diet say that they’ve lost weight, cleared brain fog, and some have mysteriously cured their illnesses. CEO of The Lion Diet, Inc., Mikhaela Peterson, is one of the people who is well known for making this diet popular through her first ever YouTube video on how eliminating plant products from her diet cured her long history of health issues such as juvenile arthritis and chronic depression.  Her success with personal dietary changes has inspired other social media influencers to take part in the 30-day carnivore diet challenge. Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan is also well-known for his results on the carnivore diet experiment as he documented and showcased his experience on social media.

Recent trends in YouTube fad diets have resulted in dietitians, nutritionists and doctors making videos of their own to provide more thorough information for people thinking of trying this carnivorous diet at home. The general consensus within the healthcare field regarding the diet is that before starting any diet you should always consult with someone who is educated and licensed to provide such information. Drastically changing your diet can be extremely dangerous and detrimental to mental and physical health if done incorrectly. Registered Dietician, avid food writer, and blogger Abbey Sharpe has recently made a video discussing the possible health benefits and dangers of the carnivore diet on her YouTube page (see video below). 

What YouTube fad diets have you considered trying?


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