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Easter DIY: Bunny Bag (quick and easy)

One day left until it is time for egg hunting and catching up with the family. Don’t have the perfect gift yet? Don’t worry. All you need are some sweets and this quick and easy bunny bag.

All you need: Scissors, black pen, ruler, glue, paper bag, white paper, pink paper

1. Draw a line of around 8 cm starting at the top to the middle of the bag.

2. Cut the line.

3. Draw one big oval circle on the pink paper and two little ones on the white paper. Then cut them out.

3. Glue the circles to the paper bag.

4. Use the black pen to draw eyes and the nose.

6. Fill the bag with your favourite easter surprise.

7. Crunch the top of the bag to make it look like bunny ears.

You’re done! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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