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Dj's Dusky
Dj's Dusky

London duo are united by their intriguing musical roots and diverse sound, whose aim is to compose electronic music with soul, depth and originality.

Dusky is the moniker utilised by Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman one of the up and coming underground gems originating out of the UK house scene. The dynamic duo that is Dusky really began to flourish in 2011 in the genre of house , with their critically acclaimed “Stick By This” LP, marking themselves as accomplished electronic producers.

The London duo were massively important in the Aus Music label’s rebirth, with the release of their  EP “Careless”. Big room bass riff and vocal loop veering through pitches is just as anthemic as the ubiquitous “Nobody Else,” inevitably this songs success was key for the label.

The pair formed their alliance in school; the sounds of the 90’s that echoed around London was integral in the duo kick starting their budding career under the alias Solidarity. They found their place in the underground garage, jungle and liquid drum and bass scenes of the 90’s/noughties highly influenced by acts such as the Prodigy.

Dusky accumulated two decades of commercial and underground dance music, sharing a production career spanning ten years and entering into a wide variety of genres from classical progressive to liquid drum and bass under various aliases.

Their focus on musical depth and appeal of variety and opposition to be restricted by genres or categorisation. Due to the diversity present in music they have created  a long list of notable DJ’s; who have utilised their songs during sets, such as; Pete Tong, Maya Jane-Coles, Boddika, Mark Knight and Laurent Garniner.

Dusky embodies depth, substance and musicality, enhancing their electronic house with orchestral techniques as a result of classical music training. Following the path of the colossal deep house/electronic producer Maya Jane Coles, signing for Dogmatik records, Dusky signed to one of the most illustrious record labels in electronic music.

Alfie takes a melodic stance primarily composing. Nick is precise with his editing on the overall mix, with his background predominantly in production. The duo’s remix of Justin Martin’s song ‘Don’t Go’ has reached over 2,000,000 views on YouTube amassing 174,000 Soundcloud followers is an indication that the future looks bright.

Leading at the forefront of the US’s traditional house revival, with garage, deep and tech house the music of the underground scene. Their song Flo Jam has a vibe of house and garage venturing with listener back to days of overalls with one strap and puff skirts.

The recent release of their “Careless” EP brings hypnotising arpeggios and plunging sub, trades its predecessor’s sunniness in for something more paranoid. “Words Later On” tempers its chunky bass and twirling “to be alone” chants with pads that growl and shriek beneath a veil of reverb. “Rise For Love” is all bass rumble and stabs, reminiscent of a Kerri Chandler record, with the decision to replace sexual funk with leering violence. The EP is certainly not Duskys most innovative, but that won’t diminish its dance floor impact.

Looking towards the future exciting times are certainly ahead with the duo preforming at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) before returning to Dublin on the 16th October to capitalise on the sound system of the Academy.




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