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Dubliners are enjoying their time at the beach, here’s the proof

Pic Credits - Rupali Ovhal

Dublin’s beautiful coastline is no secret to anyone. Spring is at the peak and it is a perfect time to soak in some sun and dive into the beautiful beaches. Following the announcement of a 20km travel restriction within the county, Dubliners can be seen making the most of this time. Here is the proof.
Courtesy: Lily Obrien (Permission Acquired)

As restrictions regarding travel within the county have eased down, there is an outpour of people visiting the amazing parks and beaches.
Courtesy: Sarah Slattery (Permission Acquired)

In the month of February, government updated the ‘Guidance for Beaches During Covid 19‘ page. This guidance page provides steps beach managers as well as local, state, territorial, federal, or tribal agencies or private entities can take in order to prevent spread of Covid 19. It encourages use of cloth mask and scuba masks instead of goggles and abiding with other restrictions such as maintaining 6 feet social distance.

The past one year has been quite challenging for people. As per the latest reports, the HSE is redrawing its vaccination programme to include a more rapid rollout in the coming weeks. This news is definitely reassuring to the general people.
Courtesy: Gill Curtin (Permission Acquired)

As summer is nearing there is a high expectancy that people will hit the beaches in more numbers. Hopefully by then most people will be vaccinated and it will be much safer for everyone to visit the beach and relish the sun. Here’s a sample resort in Chania you can visit them anytime.

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