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Dublinbikes launches hybrid electric bikes

Photo by Pascal Müller on Unsplash. Edited to change the logo, by Paula Ferreira

Dublinbikes is a bike rental system where users can rent a bike for a period of 30 minutes, it is perfect for short journeys like going to work or school. It’s also an ideal way of cycling around the city and enjoying the sight Dublin has to offer. You can often see individuals cycling through Phoenix Park using dublinbikes, so frequently that there are 2 bike stations in front of the park.

However, cycling in Dublin can be quite challenging, especially when peddling against the wind or up hill. For dublinbikes patrons it can be even more difficult as the bikes are heavier than a regular bicycle.

The good news is that dublinbikes users can now enjoy an easier way to cycle around the city. On March 30th in conjunction with Now TV, the company launched their Hybrid Electric Bikes.

To gain access to the new electric bike system, the user needs to request to ass it on their annual subscription at a cost of 60 euro per annum. They will receive a portable battery at their homes, which need to be inserted to the basket slot and then the electric bike is good to go. The battery lasts approximately 8km when fully charged.

The electric bikes can also be operated as a regular pedal when the personal battery is not inserted, so the user doesn’t need to have an electrical subscription to use one.

There are currently 115 Dublinbikes stations spread around Dublin city, 800 electric bikes now joined a total fleet of 1,600.

So, if you want to try dublinbikes, you can download the app by visiting the website here and following the registration instructions.

The regular bike rental costs 35 euro per annum and if you wish to include the electric bike, it is an additional of 60 euro per annum. The subscription allows unlimited journeys, the first 30 minutes of each journey is free and after this, rental charges are applied according to the over time used.

Derek Reilly tried the new electric bike and shared his review on the video below:

e-dublinbikes – Review of the NOW dublinbikes hybrid e-bike for Dublin’s bike sharing scheme

Cycling is a good way to commute, exercise and enjoy the local sights. Travel with friends or alone, maybe listening to some good music. And now, when you get tired, you can use a little electrical help. (click here to learn more about electric bikes)

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