Dublin tattoo parlour under fire for homeless sprinkling

Hard times- credit: David Sweeney - Flickr
Hard times- credit: David Sweeney - Flickr

Dublin Ink had a rough few hours last night after an article was written shaming their efforts to keep homeless and drug addicts away from their premises using a sprinkler system.

The small business attracted the negative press from articles condemning the sprinkler system being shared on left wing movements facebook pages who consider it to be harsh and inhumane.

Dublin Says No  shared an article published by Newstalk last night on Facebook which underlined a number of businesses currently using the anti-homeless methods, stirring mass discontent for the business among social media users.

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The bombardment of negative reviews on Dublin Ink’s Facebook page was so brutal that it reduced the thousands strong 5-star average to a 3.8 average before the review feature was disabled by Dublin Ink’s admin.

The page has since written a public apology and stated that they have disabled the sprinklers, referring to people who said that drenching people in sub-zero temperatures could be a death sentence for an individual with no change of clothes or shelter.

While many social media users who protested the sprinklers would consider this a victory of people power, many other posts from loyal customers and people who shared a different perspective followed claiming that their actions were justified and that many of the  people complaining are merely “jumping on the bandwagon” and had minimal interest in the homeless crisis previous to this incident.

See Dublin Inks Facebook page and review section to keep updated on public opinion towards this matter.

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