Dublin Street Musicians – their story

Photo Credit: Kristine Brandsdal Barane
Photo Credit: Kristine Brandsdal Barane

In almost every street in Dublin City Centre you can find street musicians. When you pass them in a hurry because of your busy schedule, do you ever think about what their story is and why they are standing there playing for you?

I talked to two musicians in Grafton Street about their story:

Street Performers Bye-laws

Earlier this year street performers bye-laws in Dublin came into effect. The law includes that every person performing on the street need a Street Performance Permit issued by the Council. And for the sound they have a certain amount of decibels they can not exceed, from 80 to 75 decibels, depending on where they are.

Other facts from the law you might find interesting: 

  • All permits granted will contain a photograph of the permit holder and must be on display and clearly visible at all times during a performance in a public place.
  • A Street Performer shall not perform in a public place after 11pm and before 9am on any day SAVE AND EXCEPT on pedestrianised streets where a person shall not perform before 11am.
  • A Street Performer is only permitted to perform in a specific location for a maximum period of two hours in any day. After this two hour period he/she must re-locate to a different street not within 50 metres of his/her previous location.
  • A Street Performer shall not “reserve” a location/area i.e. arrive prior to performance and wait.
  • A Street Performer shall not perform within 50 metres of another performer.In 2014 Dublin City Council prepared draft Street Performers Bye-Laws to encourage quality street performance in the City in a manner consistent with overall public interest.



Photo Credit: Kristine Brandsdal Barane
Photo Credit: Kristine Brandsdal Barane

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