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Dublin funk you up !

Le Freak c’est Chic, Good Times,… Can you recall ? Even if you were born after the late seventies these tunes must ring a bell. Yes, the band Chic. Funk is not dead and Ralph Rolle, the iconic band’s drummer, has created ‘Ralph Rolle & the Funk Patrol’ to bring us the best of the 70s and 80s funk music.


Last Saturday, the band came to Dublin at the Button Factory  for a 3 hours show, supported by two funky Irish bands : Munky and Dreaming of Jupiter. The Funk Patrol consists in 8 members : Ireland’s funkiest talents playing with Mister Ralph Rolle.

Munky, a very rock ‘n’ roll Irish band opened the show in a very energetic way. The singer, with his lion-like hair talking about his relationship with marijuana and the 4 other members playing and singing around him were a great show to watch.

Then, Dublin band Dreaming of Jupiter took up the stage. The funky/electro band brought a soul energy and cool vibe which made everybody dance. What better introduction to Ralph Rolle’s funk ?

Finally, the awaited act came up on stage in front of an excited audience. Ralph Rolle, at the center back of the stage, dominating the whole scene, appeared with the other members of the Funk Patrol, including Dublin band BARQ’s amazing singer Jess Kav.

From Earth Wind and Fire’s September to Rick James’ Superfreak, the band played our most beloved funky tunes. Everybody was dancing and singing in a perfect and groovy harmony. The atmosphere was electric, going back in the Seventies and Eighties as we never left this period full of glitter and bell-bottomed pants.

What the Funk Patrol realised this night was exceptional, showing that music reunites everybody and above all, that funk is not dead.


Catch Ralph Rolle and the Funk Patrol February 24th at the Harbour Bar Dublin.

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