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Dublin City Council and Enterprise Ireland powers and supports startups Dublin 2019

Dublin Techstars and WaytoB Boards on this year’s Dublin Week Startup.

From left to right: Talita Holzer (organiser), Fionn Angus, Robbie Fryers.
Picture by: Patrick Lynch


 The 2019 Startup Dublin set to kick start next week

Dublin city council and enterprise Ireland promote  Startups Dublin 2019. The initiative will be holding over a week-long series of workshops and mentoring events aiming to give all attendees the secret key to prosperity and progress.

Irish TechStars, migrants and people with disabilities set to receive Entrepreneurship Trump-card to enable them to set up and run businesses in Ireland.

This will unveil the links and opportunities available to them to think out of the box.

In this new age of information, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and evolution, the adventures of entrepreneurs are not a singular one.

 Talita Holzer a migrant from Brazil and co-founder of  WaytoB, said: “migrants are more likely to become entrepreneurs than the overall population. In Ireland, 12% of migrants are entrepreneurs, compared to 8% of the Irish population”.

 Adding that “qualities that help them adapt in their new countries are similar to those that help entrepreneurs succeed. We are risk-takers, flexible to change and with an exclusive perception of gaps in the market”

Women, migrants, and persons with a disability face a lot of discrimination and lack of support when looking to start a business.  She reveals that in Ireland, the labour force participation rate for persons with mental disabilities in the workforce is around 6%. When looked at all sorts of disabilities, the number is still 30%.

 She suggests that to address the imbalance, it is important to look at self-employment as an option.

The goal was to empower individuals with disabilities and inform them about the challenges and opportunities of starting their own business according to Talita Holzer.

Panel at StartAbility 2019. From left to right: Talita Holzer (organiser), Gerry Ellis (Bank of Ireland), Niamh Malone (Brainey App), Matt McCann (Access Earth) and Fionn Angus (Fionnathan). Picture by: Patrick Lynch


 During the 2018  Startability event Gerry Ellis a panelist articulated the challenges and the innovations that would solve them.

He is also an accessibility and usability consultant and lives with a disability sight. He reveals: “There are about 1.3 billion persons with disabilities in the world.

“This is around the same as the population of China. They control over $8 trillion in annual disposal income”.

 Gerry Ellis narrated the passionate pursuit of his mission.  Notwithstanding his limitation, he successfully used his own skills and knowledge to pursue his goals and attained affluence and success, he currently works for Bank of Ireland.

His determination and self- belief allow him to be greater than most of his competitors and some other people without a disability.  

There is always a rare ‘ability’ in every form of disability. People with disabilities were encouraged to grow their minds and develop expertise.

Learning a new way to program their business and harness their skills.

GROUP OF ATTENDEES at 2018 Startability event. photo: Patrick Lynch


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