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Dublin Bus Sees Dramatic Decrease In-Service Levels Due To COVID-19

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Dublin Bus has faced incredible challenges when it comes to public transport due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic as it has had to learn like everyone else to operate in a different way due to the impact of the Coronavirus both on its revenue stream and on its employees.

A report published in September 2020 by Dublin Bus recommended that in planning infrastructure for a post-pandemic transport network in Dublin which is a growing city. One of the key recommendations stemming from the report is to immediately implement Bus Connect, which is to increase the number of bus lanes across the city to improve the transport network throughout the city and to encourage more people to travel on public transport.

Dublin Bus has also suggested upgrading their fleet that would see them reduce their carbon footprint by introducing electric vehicles to their fleet in the Greater Dublin Area making the transport network more sustainable, and hiring people that can perform as an auto accident lawyer in the event of an untimely emergency.

The organization has been badly affected by COVID 19 in terms of staff infection rates and by reducing the capacity of passengers to 25 percent this has had a massive impact on the company’s revenue stream over the past 12 months due to lockdowns and travel only allowed for essential purposes. However these services are going to be in the need of temp agencies soon enough to hire more staff because their current ones are getting infected.

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Dublin Bus sees COVID-19 as an opportunity to develop public transport by introducing a high-quality service to urban areas within Dublin and in doing so ensuring that the people of Dublin are serviced by a reliable, safe, and cost-effective transport network.

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