(Drunk) writing’s on the wall: The ladies’ room

We’ve all been there (speaking to the ladies here) standing in line for the ladies room, one girl is about to text her ex, and we all jump in to save her from herself. “You are so much better, look at you! Let’s go dance!” *hug twice, high five*. There’s just so much support and love in the ladies room in a bar or club, you’ll rarely experience anything like it anywhere else. No one cares if they are technically strangers and don’t know anything about each other, when we step into that sacred space, we all become each other’s best friends, sisters and life coaches.

If you’re curious about what you’re missing out on as a guy, or if you need some moral support right now and you’re neither drunk or close to a girls bathroom, The Circular has captured some real-life drunken love from the stalls in The Bernard Shaw. Enjoy!

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