Drone photography: Instagram’s exciting new trend

Drones are offering photographers the opportunity to go further with their work. Stunning aerial shots are now gracing social media feeds since the trend began in the U.S. Instagram accounts devoted to drone shots are also becoming more popular.

In Ireland it is still a very much niche area of photography.

The Circular spoke with Chris Murphy, who has recently gotten involved with the trend.

Sonder Visuals is an award winning Irish production company that specialise in short films with cinematic visuals. Their Sonder Ireland piece covers both urban and rural Ireland, as well as footage of the country’s most iconic tourism spots and historical landmarks.

The company also have produced a series of videos of footage from their tour of Wales and are currently producing a birds-eye view of Scotland.

National authorities have intervened on the trend due to the threat of drones being used to infringe on people’s privacy. All drones over 1kg in weight  must be registered with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). Fortunately there is plenty of models on the market that do not require any paperwork – and are suited to those who wish to use their drone for cinematography purposes.

Footage by Chris Murphy, Joy McKeon.

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