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Drive To Survive Season 3 A Must Watch For Any F1 Fan

Netflix hit documentary series, Formula One Drive To Survive Season 3 launched last week and having binged watched all ten episodes It has be said that the show is a must watch for any fans of Formula One, even if you aren’t a fan of racing which is a lot of people, as the sport is not everyone’s cup of tea the series still makes for gripping and entertaining viewing.

Formula One like everything else around the world was impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic, with the sport having travelled all the way to Melbourne, Australia for the opening race of the season in March, only for the race to be cancelled by government and Formula One officials due to the severity of COVID-19.

Defending Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton said at the time that ‘cash is king’ as he was extremely disappointed that the sport had made the trip to Australia for the first race.

The Formula One season was suspended as a result of COVID-19 and got underway in July in Austria and the documentary picks from there where each team, who had been used to two or three camera crews in the garages with them were reduced to just a single cameraman while some of the video footage was captured by some of the Formula One personality themselves.

The series not only gives fans access to what happened on track but there is plenty of content from the drivers and team personnel along with a number of journalists who work in the sport.

Following the success of the Netflix show, other motorsports are looking into doing broadcast deals with online streaming services such as Amazon Prime. For more information about Formula One visit – to find out more about Netflix or to subscribe visit –

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