Dreamon, putting Norway on the hip-hop map

He is signed to the world’s largest record company, he has been praised by Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and he is one of the biggest up coming hip-hop artists in Norway. As least that is what we all think. Let me introduce you to Dreamon or Anthony Osumanu Vartdal (23), which is his real name. He is currently living in Manglerud, Oslo, and he is certainly putting Norway on the big hip-hop map.

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Many have argued that Dreamon is the Norwegian answer to the American hip-hop sensation Drake. He is definitely providing the audience with the same feeling, but I will argue that he and Drake are completely different. In an interview in 2011 with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, Dreamon discovered that he had some royal fans.

– When I came down from the stage when I had a concert in Oslo, I was told that the princess had seen me performed my single “Closer”. When I saw Prince Haakon backstage afterwards, I went over to him and asked what he thought of the song. He said he was a big fan and that he not only liked the single, but he loved the mixtape too. It is quite unreal and overwhelming that the country’s future king like my music, says Dreamon to Dagbladet.

Although he may still be young, he is full of experience. Already when he was 14 years old, he started releasing mixtapes, and at the age of 16 he was named as the “Week untouched” by NRK P3. His music is honest, real and with much emotion.

Dreamon have already had great success with his mixtapes, including “Dreamix” and the hit singles “Closer”, “Rise” and “All Night”. He has received praises from the hip-hop community, the media and the Norwegian music industry. The music video and song “Touch” which is above is produced by William “Nasty Kutt” Wiik Larsen who is a Norwegian beat maker and a DJ. Both the music video and the song has received tremendous positive feedback both online and in newspapers.

When he released his first mixtape “Dreamix” in 2010, the popular site 730.no wrote: “If you do not follow the Norwegian underground rap, Dreamon is probably an unknown name, but “Dreamix” is so hot that he should be a celebrity by now”.

Even though some producers who have worked with Drake have been in contact with Dreamon, he still don’t want to be compared with anyone. When asked in an interview with 730.no if he went from being Norway’s Drake too Norway’s The Weeknd his response were fast:

– No, not at all. With all due respect to the Drake and The weeknd, they are two very talented artist. In that case I go from being ” Norway’s Drake” to ” Norway’s Dreamon”.

So, will he make it even further? The Norwegian hip-hop industry needs artists like Dreamon. He has worked with a number of established producers and artists. He has a good flow, good music videos, a great voice and strong and diverse songs. He has put the bar pretty high for any other Norwegian hip-hop/RnB artists in the future. And girls, he is not that bad to look at either.

Visit his Facebook fan page or download the new single “Touch”.

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