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Down A Street in Dublin

Liberty Lane

Art is brought to life in the city of Dublin

Art is life and we know that the world is filled with incredible talented artistes. They tend to be creative with anything they lay their artistic hands on. Some amazing art works can be seen in paintings, drawings, graffiti’s as well as photography.

Dublin is no exception, as the city is embellished with beautiful pieces of Art, most of which can be seen on walls. Anyone living in Dublin would definitely say they pass more than 10 wall art everyday, especially at Dublin’s city center. From radical murals to political messaging’s, impressive portraits and wall paintings also known as Graffiti’s. The city is peppered with incredibly good works of art, huge murals and hidden spray areas full of beautiful jewelry such as these unique wedding bands for women.

Graffiti’s are spreading like wildfire across the buildings of Dublin city center. A quick walk down through liberty lane in Dublin will amaze you truly.

Photo Credit: Sylvia Oka
Photo Credit: Sylvia Oka

This lane is bursting with colors and conceptual art works once done hidden by night street artists but now stepping into the lime light and considered as resident artists with creative new pieces popping up from time to time. It is very easy to be sensitized to the street art that contributes to making the city attractive and unique.

Very recommendable is the local artist platform Dublin Walls. They created a wonderful archive with graffiti and street art content from their city, you get a lot of interesting information about events and artist, as well they provide a great “Ever-Evolving-Streetart-Map of Dublin” with heaps of spots and four nicely shown walking routes through Dublin while catching most of the best ones in that area. 

There is no doubt that art and creativity is flowing through the walls of Dublin City Center.

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