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Do you even lift?

Gyms are now the new church, the house of a new religion with millions of followers. In the last 15 years this hobby became one of the most practiced sports around the world, and caring for a sculptural body became an obligation. Saying “I go to the gym” it’s almost a mandatory sentence on CV, but the truth is who tries a gym workout usually gets addicted to this new cultural lifestyle.

However, this is already a very organized and meticulous world, where there are some unwritten rules intrinsically established by practitioners, usually characterised by an appreciation of organisation and thoroughness.

Many studies have been conducted on the mental and physical benefits of going to the gym daily – with proper rest when necessary – but there may be harms that arise from being a gym addicted. Is it necessary for the recognition of others about physical results? What happens when an addict misses the gym one day or more? These are the kind of answers we tried to get from Ricardo Santos, a confessed ‘gymhaolic’ who spoke with us about this topic.

We also went to visit a gym in Dublin to talk with Edmundo Fernandes, a personal trainer with more than 6 years of experience to gather a testimony of someone who saw the ‘boom era’ from inside. Good or bad addiction, the truth is that going to the gym has become a routine for a large part of the world population, which now sees the cult of the body in a much more demanding way in the last decades.

Are you a Gymaholic? And do you think about this lifestyle? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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