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Dorcas music/D-Crew launches new album ‘Endless Praise’

Dorcas music/D-Crew launches new album ‘Endless praise’
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Dorcas music/D-crew has in the last couple of years excited her fans with some fascinating songs, most notably the one she did with Nigeria music legend Cobhams Asuquo. The prolific songwriter who was born and brought up in Lagos state, but hale from Kogi state Nigeria has been around long enough in the gospel music and her artistry has spawned the careers of the acts and her fans were not surprised when she announced that she would release her third album tagged “Endless Praise” to celebrate her birthday.

It is some worth important to note this comes not long ago, after the release of her second album which encapsulates her stunning voice and dexterity at orchestrating even in the most basic of songs to make it come alive beautifully.

To be frank, her new album is such a pack. obviously so much must have gone into its production, which makes this 8 track particularly special, considering that it could have been a birthday gift for herself. succinctly, am guessing it’d mean a whole lot to her because the songs sound like one of those ‘I just wanna worship God and do music in my own way’ kinna album.

The circular was the album launch which took place at Westmanstown sport and conference center Clonsilla, Dublin 15 to grace the big occasion and to speak to the singer.

You have an album with 8 tracks. which is your best song and what inspired it?

Endless praise is my best song so far. Even though I love the rest too. Having to give God none stop worship should be our first priority. Stay in his presence can be a bit hard to our young generation but the song talks about how we will always praise him forever. I love to stay in a place where all I do/give is worship.

Does the whole album fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

I wish there was an answer to this question. I have both slow music and fast music associating new music style are created all the time style are created all the time which makes this album fit for both side. Genre is based on year, location and sounds you use to create the track however this is not always as clear. sometimes one genre could be exactly the same as one another.

This is your third album, is this an update of what you had before or a rework?

This is my third album yes and it completely different from what I had before.

Are there any particular songs, or even lines in the album which stick in your mind because of their lyrics?

Yes the more I listen to the album the more the resounding … but this particular one is from track 1 “And I will always praise you “

Dorcas “Endless Praise” is an impressive addition to the huge Christian discography that she churns out. On the whole, the album possesses all the good things that make locally generated solemn worship and praise a hit.

The highlights of the event was comedy and dance from guess.

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