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“Don’t Rush” Beauty Challenge Trend Online

Photo by from Pexels

As people grow more restless in the global quarantine, some find a way to break the monotony of their day by participating in challenges such as the Don’t Rush Challenge also called #dontrushmechallenge by some. 

Beauty bloggers, influencers, moms, dads, and all kinds of everyday people are finding joy in getting glammed and tapping into their creativity. There are videos across all social media platform from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom and other countries. 

The challenge started when Toluwalese Asolo, 20-year-old student tweeted a clip featuring her friends with the caption, “The boredom jumped out”. She and her seven friends changed looks while passing around a makeup brush and dancing to the song Don’t Rush by U.K rap duo Young T and Bugsey. The one minute has so far amassed 2 million views.

Toluwalese told Teen Vogue, she decided to highlight the togetherness in isolation, and she never anticipated it blowing up the internet. Thanks to the challenge, the song used charted number one in over nine countries on streaming platforms.  

Kanyisola Kuku, creative director, Boss TV Africa, and her team have challenged their followers on Instagram to tag their friends and join in and have posted quite a few on its Instagram account. The challenge has been used to showcase the versatility and individuality of people around the world. To celebrate National Doctors day, a team of family physicians got into the fun and provided some beauty inspirations.

Check out of my favourite “don’t rush” video I found across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Some Included the family in the fun and the moms were not left out.


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