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Domestic violence on the increase due to lock downs

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Domestic violence has been a societal menace from time immemorial. There is no doubt that both genders can be victims of this situation. However, it is more common for the female category to fall prey to it, especially in abusive relationships.

Domestic violence is defined as violence committed by a person from the victim’s domestic circle. These includes, partners, exes, family members and friends, as stated HERE. Furthermore, it can take the form of sexual, physical, or psychological violence.

That being said, statistics show that about one-third of the women in the world have experienced domestic violence. While 18% percent of that number were recorded twelve (12) months to October 2020. By estimation, about 137 women worldwide are killed daily by the people in their domestic circle, MORE DETAILS HERE.

The recent lockdowns has affected the occurrence of domestic violence as reported by BBC NEWS on the 12th of June, 2020, that the situation increased globally during the lockdown. The situation has been termed as a “shadow pandemic” occurring simultaneously with the Coronavirus Disease pandemic.

In addition, the United Nations also reported that violence against women has increased worldwide by 20% since the lockdown, as stated by BBC NEWS. Consequently, women have taken a step to providing help to the victims in their neighbourhood. To mention a few:

Recent cases on domestic violence as reported

In Ramallah, West Bank, during their eight week lockdown, women stood on their balconies to render some form of notification to the neighborhoods women. This was done to let them know, that help was not far away, and they were available as solace.

Furthermore, Rabab Kolabi, a women’s counsellor, took bold steps to reach out to women who were trapped with their abusers via social media in West Bank.

India on the other hand, had a situation where women had set up help lines to reach out to victims who were isolated with their abusers. These women called to complain that their husbands were venting out their frustrations on them.

Brazil has been reported to have one of the highest rates of domestic violence, especially since the lockdown. Rio government figures insinuate that every 2 minutes, a woman is violated.

According to Texas News, during the one month lockdown in Houston, Texas, a group of women availed themselves to victims who needed help, by dressing in denim for easy identification. Women in all the above mentioned locations, have come together to render help to these trapped victims via food deliveries, and regular visits.

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It is a fact that Covid-19 has had negative impacts on jobs and the economy, and the stay-at-home measures has given people a lot more time on their hands. When you consider the social isolation that people are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, it’s easy to see how abusive people can turn violent.

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