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Doha: The hidden holiday gem of the Middle East

Photo by RAS_RNS for Pixaby

Qatar is a small nation in the Middle East with a population of over 2 million inhabitants. But inside it holds a world that will suck you into its wide range of infrastructure from sky-high buildings to sporting infrastructure, Cultural infrastructure and cultural monuments, Vast desert areas, and adventure opportunities, With traditional and cultural museums showcasing the country’s heritage. And finally the variety of luxury and luxurious spots across the city of Doha

Doha is a city with a size of just 132 km, boasting some of the most amazing skyscrapers right in the middle of the West Bay of Doha. Along the West Bay, the most notable buildings consist of the iconic Doha Tower and the Round Tower along with the Al Bidda Tower all giving Doha a unique nightlife experience for its visitors. On the other hand, When arriving in Doha, the first thing that catches the attention is the Hamad International Airport, which involves modern designs and services that the airport offers for travelers through Doha airport giving an insight into what visitors can expect from their visit to the city of Doha.

Hamad International Airport (Photo from Jood Wafa for Pexels)

Doha has hosted the FIFA World Cup 2022, which has led to further work being undertaken in terms of the overall infrastructure where Doha has seen an increase in the number of stadiums, and hotels built to cater to the needs of the competition and the visitors. The most iconic stadiums in Doha consist of Al Bayt Stadium, Lusail Stadium, and Khalifa International Stadium, with the hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022 also came the building of the metro and tram lines connecting all of Doha in a time-convenient manner for both the fans attending the games and also for the tourists visiting the city of Doha. Furthermore, Doha also has a unique desert area and desert adventure experiences for tourists to enjoy.

Although Doha does boast many newly designed modern buildings, The cultural identity of the city has not been forgotten, the most iconic cultural spot in Doha is called Souq Waqif which portrays the old Doha sensation when you walk through it at night while observing the night market life and brings a different experience.

Souq Waqif, Doha Qatar (Photo by nordcapstudio from pixels)

Finally, Doha is known for its luxurious attractions and shopping malls boasting top-tier brands for visitors and tourists to enjoy during their stay in the city of Doha, most notably Qatar Mall, Villaggio, and Vendome Mall.

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