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Does the FIFA or EA FC game series slowly die?

The FIFA series of games, developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA Sports), is known for its focus on football and high level of realism. For many years it has occupied and occupies first place among games about sports, specifically about football.
More recently, people knew this series as FIFA, but after rebranding in 2023, the company had to change the name to EA FC and something went wrong.


Let’s first find out why the game has become so popular that it has been a leader for 20 years.

  • Licensed Clubs and Players: FIFA has official licenses for many clubs, leagues and players around the world. This allows players to enjoy realistic matches featuring their favorite teams and stars.
  • Game Realism: FIFA is constantly improving gameplay, graphics and ball physics to create the most realistic football experience on your gaming console or computer.
  • Game Modes: In addition to standard matches, FIFA offers a variety of game modes, including career mode for players and managers, online matches, tournaments, historical scenarios and much more.
  • Ultimate Team: This is a popular mode in which players build their own team by purchasing players through packs and participating in online competitions.
  • International Competitions: FIFA also includes licensed international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, Euro and other tournaments, adding to the atmosphere of real world football.
  • Gameplay Innovation: Each new version of FIFA introduces various innovations and improvements to the gameplay to satisfy the desires and expectations of fans of the series.

After reading this list, you may be wondering, what’s wrong?
Every year, quite a few people leave the game, since the game is no longer the innovator and example of quality it used to be. Players may feel that new versions of FIFA do not bring enough meaningful innovation or improvement.

NickkRTFM on problems of EA FC 24

Some players may feel that the game’s balance or certain aspects of gameplay have deteriorated over time, affecting the enjoyment of the game.
The presence of errors, bugs or problems with the optimization of the game on various platforms can lead to negative feedback from players.
With the advent of other football simulations and games, some players may compare FIFA to alternatives and see the need for improvement in some aspects, but there are no such games and it seems that there will not be any in the near future.

Unfortunately, this series of games is getting worse every year, but the developers and owners don’t really care about this as long as people buy and donate to the game itself, many content makers in this area have long since started publishing their videos and appeals to attract attention, but all this leads to the fact that the community of this game would rather boycott than wait for positive changes.
FC 24 = EA’S WORST GAME OF ALL TIME! by Inception FC
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