Does Anyone Know Where Mary Roach Is?

Season four of American Idol saw one of the most interesting and simply iconic performers of all time, Mary Roach.

There’s a lot to unpack here. The outfit. The dancing. It’s hectic. Chaotic. Unhinged if you will.

Mary Roach / Guilbeaux is a legend that will never be forgotten. We love you Queen.

“I want to say a big fuck you to Simon…. and Randy… and Martin (even though he’s a hottie, I won’t deny that)” :ladyhaha:

Queen of appearing only 6min on television warbling something that barely resembled a song, nearly 20 years ago and still to this day remains relevant!

The judges however did not share my initial sentiments, it would be fair to say that they were not impressed, in the slightest. The softly-spoken Roach soon turned ominous and boderline creepy after the judges voiced their disapproval, revealing that she was hearing voices in her head.

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