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Dodging the workout? Why not try dodgeball?

Photo by JESUS PERGES from Pexels

If you are looking for something fun to keep you fit as well interact to others, dodgeball could be a good option.

But first, let me ask you a question. What is the first thing you think about when it comes to dodgeball? I could be right in saying that you think about Dodgeball the movie and the hilarious moves they do on the screen or maybe you remember it from PE classes at school.

However, playing dodgeball is much more than throwing and catching balls.

Dodgeball is definitely fun, but it is also competitive. Once you pick up the rules, you will want to be the last person to leave the court play.

It makes you think strategically and develops motor activity, because you need to use your movements to confuse your opponents. Keep in mind they will be doing the same to you, so stay alert!

Here in Ireland, the sport is regulated by the Irish Dodgeball Association (IDBA) a non-profit sporting organization engaged in the development of dodgeball within the country. Their main objective is to develop the sport at all levels and to provide the infrastructure to support players, clubs and regions as the sport grows.

The IDBA is also currently working towards becoming the National Governing Body for the sport of dodgeball. The IDBA is a member of the World Dodgeball Federation and European Dodgeball Federation.

Regional clubs are the backbone of any sporting community. Dodgeball is still fledgling sport in Ireland, however it is continuously developing and gaining popularity, and with its growth we are seeing more regional dodgeball clubs being established.

People seem to really enjoy the sport of dodgeball, as there is a good social side to it. There is a great community spirit in the sport whenever is local, national or international level. There are also a lot of transferable skills from other sports that can be used to play dodgeball, which means people starting out can pick up it quickly.

Garvan McEvoy – International Squad Head Coach

There are currently five Dodgeball clubs operating in the Republic of Ireland: Dublin Dodgeball Club, Galway Dodgeball Club, Trinity College Dodgeball Club, UCC Dodgeball Club and Waterford Dodgeball Club.
Dublin boys ready to the action

You can start playing dodgeball as a kid, and there is no age for retirement, it is your physical condition that decides whether you stop or keep playing, and it will be judged only by you. Check out these things to avoid in base layers if you’re planning to buy one.

The basic rules for those starting the sport are easy to remember:

  1. If you get hit by a live ball, you are out.
  2. If you catch a ball, the person who threw the ball is out and you can get a player back in play for your team.
  3. If you cross court boundaries you are out.
  4. A game is won by a team if they knock out all the other team’s players or if they have more players in play at the end of the agreed play time, which usually is three minutes.

There are three types of team in dodgeball: women, men and mixed, and they all are treated equally on the court.

The clubs also promote social interactions and often times after regular trainings, dodgeball games are played just for fun.

Listen to this short radio documentary about the journey of Dublin Dodgeball Club and how people feel playing the sport.

Radio documentary by Paula Ferreira

Because of Covid19 and the health measurements, the clubs have had to stop activity and sadly the Northern European Championships that would have taken place in Dublin in 2020 was postponed. But the players cannot wait to be back in court as soon as it is safe.

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