VIDEO – Do you really know Temple Bar?

The Temple Bar / Ian Wilson (Flickr)
The Temple Bar / Ian Wilson (Flickr)
The Temple Bar  /  Ian Wilson (Flickr)
The Temple Bar / Ian Wilson (Flickr)

It is the heart of Dublin. You go to Temple Bar to have a drink, to eat an Irish stew or spend some money on original clothes but do you really know the district ? Many foreigners (and maybe some Irish people as well) assume that the name Temple Bar is linked to pubs or to a temple. The reality is that the name Temple Bar comes from a man called Sir William Temple that lived here in the 17th century. In order to protect his house from the river, he built a barriers (a “bar” in old English).

The famous pubs’ district in the center of the Irish capital, is a treasure of history. Temple Bar already existed when the Vikings were living in Dublin. Several times thought centuries, the place has been destroyed but it was always rebuilt. Today, evidence of the Viking era are still visible.

In order to know more about Temple Bar, I spent 24 hours in the district meeting inhabitants, workers, tourists and the famous Irish Historian Pat Liddy:


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