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Do you know how much time you spend on social media?

Photo by Austin Diestel on Unsplash

608 hours, is the average time you spend on social platforms each year, according to an article in the American magazine Qwartz. A sometimes regrettable entertainment, which could have been replaced by reading 200 books. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or even TikTok would have become our favourite pastimes.

Older people keep telling you that you spend too much time on social media and in this year 2020 this remark makes even more sense. Indeed, as you can imagine, the health crisis did not help to make things better. Since the outbreak began, the number of people using social networks has exploded. Internet users worldwide, mostly confined to their homes, have never spent so much time on social networks.

A comparative study of the Global Web Index, relayed by DataReportal and Statistica reveals that in 2020, the world’s population spent an average of 2h22 minutes per day on social networks. A colossal increase, since the average time of use of social networks by Internet users worldwide, usually revolves around 1h30 per day.

The same study made it possible to compare the time spent on social networks by the different world population.

On the last part of this graph, we observe that it is in emerging countries that the population spends the most time on social networks. Results that are largely influenced by the demographic factor. Indeed, countries like the Philippines or Nigeria have an average population younger than high-income economies like France, the United States or Germany.

According to the website Statistica, the 15-24 age group represents only 9.6% of the population in Japan or 11.7% of the French population while it reaches 20% in Nigeria and the Philippines.

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