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Diego Maradona: the football world mourns its legend

Picture by Jack Hunter from Unsplash

The former Argentine football player, Diego Maradona, has died this November 25th at the age of 60 of a cardiac arrest. Considered by football enthusiasts as the best player of all times, his death is considered an earthquake to the football planet. Author of a brilliant but controversial career, marked by many trophies and disillusions in his personal life, “El Pibe de Oro” (“The golden kid”) will remain a legend like no other. 

Argentina pays tribute to its icon 

In Argentina, the country was shaken by the news. The Argentinian president, Alberto Fernandez decided to grant three days of national mourning: “Diego was Argentina in the world. He gave us joy and we will never be able to repay him for so much joy”. Alberto Fernandez also decided to consecrate the presidential palace for the Argentinian prodigy’s funeral: “I first asked that we spoke to the family, they have the open doors from the state for Diego. What the family asks, we will do. Diego deserves to have this tribute” he said for TyC Sports.

In the streets, people gather to commemorate Maradona. Thousands of fans went to various important places associated with Maradona and laid flowers and candles there. Areas he spent time in as a child – such as the Villa Florito or the stadium where he began his professional career with Argentinos Juniors in the ’70s, places linked to “The golden boy’s” life have become a pilgrimage for Argentinians. In front of the presidential palace, clashes between fans and police broke out as many people rushed to see Maradona’s coffin. 

“Tonight, a piece of Naples has died forever”

In Naples, where Maradona had his best years from 1984 to 1991, thousands of people walked in the streets to commemorate their legend. Giant frescoes have been painted on the city walls to pay homage to their former player. Naples’s is also considering a name change for the city stadium in honour of his former player. Maradona had his golden age in the Neapolitan club by winning 5 trophies from 1987 to 1990. 

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