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Mega Pipe of a Lagos

The Mega Pipe is an acoustic art installation, capable of producing melody from the natural flow of breeze through its hundreds of pipe. The project was a commission of the Lagos State Government in celebration of its 50th year anniversary. 

The spirit of Lagos is the true spirit of development. Lagos is an example of a city that has opened its borders and potentials to anyone who cares to hustle, scramble or work hard in order to strike the proverbial gold. It is a city that has opened its government, business opportunities, education, and property development to anybody who is ready to do business. To be sure, I do not speak of tokenism; I  refer to a way of life that has naturally and later structurally evolved.

Among all the places and parks in Lagos, Nigeria, the mega pipe park is so fascinating, artistic and interesting. it features a thirty feet gigantic acoustic structure made of galvanized stainless steel and metal sheets. The most interesting thing about the structure is that there is an added functional instrument, which sounds when a sturdy flow of breeze passes through the pipes, producing a variety of harmonious melodies best enjoyed when situated under the core of the structure.

photo credit- Fade Pitan

The Mega pipe project was a commissioned by the Lagos state government in celebration of its 50th year anniversary in the year 2017. The Artistic feature was constructed by a renounced artist named Tayo Olayode. Installed on the tail end of Marina, the Mega pipe is an interesting mash-up of art and engineering, providing serenity within the busy central business district of Lagos.

For me, the Mega Pipe Park is a place i go to ease my mind. Is this a park you’d love to visit?

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