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Demonstrations in Hong-Kong: Interview of a witness of this crisis

For many weeks, the atmosphere in Hong-Kong is very critical. People demonstrate against the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill”. In the beginning, demonstrations were peaceful. But little by little, the situation was more and tenser. As a consequence, Hong-Kong’s streets turned into a civil war. On the 22nd of November, the Circular has interviewed a French student (Ugo Dany) who lived in Hong-Kong during the protest. 

In the beginning, how does the situation change your daily life? 

Sincerely I was not impacted by the situation. I have seen demonstrations especially the weekend. It was located in the precise zones of the city. But we avoid to go out in this area during weekends. We do not feel in danger. In the beginning, I was not so much preoccupied with the protestation. 

How do you realize that the situation was getting worse? 

I have talked to native students who explained to me clearly why they are demonstrating. The population is fighting for their rights, for their freedom. Last two weeks, the situation was more and more critics. The turning point was when the police shot a man during a demonstration. Besides, in the beginning, police forces have abused their power. They have proceeded to strong arrest. Also, the authorities have given the order to repatriate foreign people.


What is the population’s motivations? 

I have talked to my roommates and a lot of students. According to them, the population is ready to give their lives to win this fight against the Chinese’s power. This is not a question of money they want freedom. Most of the population is unified. In this country, freedom of expression and human rights are the most important things. They do not want to pass under China’s regime. Most of the demonstrators are students.




Can you explain clearly, how was the situation during the last few days in the city? 

It was like a battlefield. There were huge confrontations and intense fights between protestors and police. The population used to be beaten, arrested without any reason. People were killed. Police forces drive motorcycles into protestors. When I saw this, I was shocked. I’m very sad about this situation. I have a lot of sorrow when I see that. Besides, a lot of students occupied almost all of the universities by students such as Polytechnic University. Also, Chinese University is a battlefield. Students have created fortification to be protected from the police. Also, some of my friends went to the hospital because of fires in the city and the use of massive tears gas. 

Have you ever been to the heart of a demonstration? 

Yes, on the 17th of November for the last night in the city before my repatriation. My friends left it but I do not want to leave the city before I have seen the violence during demonstrations. When I succeed to join demonstrators, police has dropped  3 tears gas only one meter far from me. At this moment we were all running, my throat and my eyes burnt. I did not see anything. At one moment, the police attacked us even I was not a demonstrator. I succeed to escape thanks to the stair’s building and to climb a ladder next to the building. Everybody was shouting and running. It is still difficult for me to talk about it. This is the scariest moment of my life. 

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