Demon Furbys: Back and scarier than ever!

Pink Furby
Pink Furby

We all had our favourite childhood toys, the ones we always reminisce about or compare to the toys of today’s generation. But now they seem to be making a comeback. From slinky to hungry hippos to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one by one they’re climbing children’s wish lists. But the one that seems to be topping it is Furby. But if you were planning on getting one for a little cousin, niece or nephew my advice would be not to.

For those of you who don’t remember Furby or didn’t have the pleasure of owning one of the little gremlin look-a-likes here’s a reminder.

Original Furby

They would go off in the middle of the night singing, they would speak gibberish and just stop working altogether. But if you thought they were evil before with till you see them now.

The genius who designed and programmed the new Furby has decided to not only give them all split personality disorders but to program one of them to be evil. Stories and videos are flooding the internet, the common search being ‘how do I turn my Furby good again?’.

They all start out fine but the more you interact with them the more they learn and grow. Coco, the diva one day turns into Boo, the comedian and that’s ok, it’s just one more fun personality to play with. But then something goes wrong and just like feeding the gremlins after midnight something flips in the Furby. They have a fit of some sort and their already creepy LED eyes flash like strobe lights and then POOF, Coco and Boo are gone. Instead they are replaced with a retching demonic, yet still fluffy, monster.

Demon Furby

It is a relatively easy thing to change your Furby back into the lovable annoying characters but my question is, why make it possible for them to go psychotic in the first place?


    • Haha I know! Do you remember the old ones? Mine would go off in the middle of the night, “Furby Party” in a very sinister voice!! Creepy!

  1. My sister used to have one of the old ones and I remember it used to terrify me. You’d be sitting minding your own business and all of a sudden a creepy little voice would go off saying “I can see you”. Gave me nightmares

  2. I have one of the newer, more recent furbys, and one night, I was just about to fall asleep when I hear this loud grunt and my furby is on and it went ” YEE-HA” then started laughing an evil laugh, and

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