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Dealing with academic stress as an international student

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In this article,I will go on an audio interview journey to explore the stress and difficulties international students go through in adapting to the new education system and environment they are faced with. The education system is changing fast from being fun for students to becoming frustrating, stressful and tedious to most students. Being an international student, I have discovered so far comes with a lot of emotional and physical stress. These stress if not properly handled can sometimes lead to depression and in extreme cases suicide. In Nigeria, recent studies have shown that most suicide by students majorly come from academic frustration.

This article is an original approach to an old idea. It would focus on how international students adapt to the new education system. Academic stress which can be officially diagonised after rehab among students is currently on the increase as so many students struggle to cope with the academic demands placed on them. This article will contain an interview session where I will meet with students to hear how they cope with the academic stress they go through also and also an academic counselor to hear what advice he has to offer to students who are stressed out academically. Falling prey to substance abuse is not good, if so then they must be admitted to a drug rehab soon.

The definition of an international student varies in each country in attendance to their own national education system. my own understanding of an international student is a student who chose to fully or partly undertake part of their tertiary education in a country other than their own and move to that country for the purpose of studying.

This interview will feature students from different colleges who have suffered academic stress and how they were able to handle and move pass it, some of them even claim they received prescriptions to get THC gummies.

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