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Dangerous reality Tv show: ‘BigBrother Nigeria’.

BigBrother Naija 2018

Big Brother Naija, formerly known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a reality TV show based on the  Big Brother TV series in which 12 contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash 25million naira prize.

Since this reality show started there has been up and downs if the reality TV should continue to be aired as its driving negative impacts on Nigerian youths or any other nationality watching it. This show is aired to see how 12 different individuals can struggle to live, as each week a task is assigned to them and a head house is chosen and also stands a chance of winning one million naira per week.

Some Nigerians have mixed feelings over the removal of these reality Tv show as it doesn’t favour the countries needs at this trying times of development. Nigeria is a country which takes its moral very serious and its culture, so for some bunch of housemates to just have a sex life on TV at some point seems pointless for the concept of this show and boring. The older generations feel it should be banned, but Big Brother Naija is targeted at a younger generation so it’s clear why the youths might want more of this.

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I interviewed some of my ‘friends’ and a ‘former host’ as to why this show either be cancelled or continue

Obodumu: The concept in which they potray doesnt reflect on how people meet and grow together, as the nudity can get annoying and boring.


Pamela: I really like the show a lot, it shows unity as this 12 contestants are united regardless of what we complain about here in Nigeria on religious and tribal aspects. The whole Nigeria is watching, the only problems I have here is that fact they all have different personalities but they always argue for silly things sometimes


Former host: He says that his only disappointment if that its called BigBrother Naija, and the Federal Government has not found a better-equipped place to create a place that contestant can be safely kept. The show has to go all the way to South Africa, which doesn’t really makes sense. If the Federal Government can do something about that, I feel the package is sealed aside from that it’s a great show.

The Federal Government also had something to say.

Mr Adekoya who is a lawmaker from the House of representation says that “Nigeria, despite her development, remained a largely conservative society, adding that allowing “immoral” shows like the ‘Big Brother Naija’ to be broadcast in Nigeria could corrode the minds of the younger generation, especially teenagers”.


In my opinion, i do not support this show at all in as much people watch and subscribe to it, with this kind of reality tv it would create a negative impact on the youth and would also give them free will to act in a disturbed manner which would affect the society.


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