Dancing for Ireland in the World Championship

Team Ireland on their dress rehersal for the Cheer championship Photo: Amalie Knudsen
Team Ireland on their dress rehersal for the Cheer championship Photo: Amalie Knudsen

Nine girls are flying to Orlando Florida to represent Ireland in the cheerleading and dance world championship. At their dress rehersal they gave a sneak peek of their performance.

After winning the national cheerleading championship in Pom Dance several years in a row, Dublin based Strike Force Euphoria got the bid to travel to Orlando and represent their nation in “the holy grail of cheerleading”. Next monday the girls board the plane that takes them to over seas to compete in the cheerleading world championship, and this weekend they held their dress rehearsal. Watch the soundslide to get a sneak peek, as team Ireland participant and choreographer Shannon O’Reilly revelas her ambitions for the competition.

Team Irelands main goal is to get to the finals. The first day of competition they are up against  20 teams, and if they advance to the finals they are up against the top 13 teams.

To get recognition as a cheerleader in Ireland is not easy, read more about cheerleading in Ireland here.

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In the Cheer and Dance World Championship athletes are competing in multiple categories. The girls on team Ireland are competing in the Pom Dance and Freestyle category, and Shannon reveals that what she is most exited about is to see her idols from Cheer Extreme Senior Elite and California Allstars Smoed perform in real life. They are competing in the Cheerleading category. Here are their routines from the 2012 World Championship:

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