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The Daily Show Mocks Fox News With Their Latest Twitter Poll

Fox News's Poll on the Daily Show, Credits Twitter @theDailyShow

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show asked viewers to vote on their favorite screenshot from a Fox News broadcast that aired during the pandemic. Fox News has been under critic for a while now for its Trumpmania, and for downplaying the threat. Like many TV hosts, Noah has been broadcasting The Daily Show from his house, calling it “The Daily Social Distancing Show.

The American Talk Show hosted by Trevor Noah, asked its viewers which of these four screenshots was most “iconic”. Options included: a poll from Lou Dobbs Tonight asking how President Donald Trump’s performance has been during the coronavirus pandemic (“Superb”, “Great”, and “Very Good” are the options), Trish Regan with next to a box that reads, “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam,” a shot from Hannity showing zero death toll from the virus, and Laura Ingraham’s “Gratitude and Perspective” for “Trump Holding Nation Together During Outbreak.”


And the winner is, after 50.000 votes, not from Fox News Itself but another Branch Fox Business: Lou Dobbs ! and his “Very Good” poll victorious receiving 48 percent of the votes, Sean Hannity’s “0 Deaths” came in a close second though with 35 percent of the vote.

Regan and Ingraham trailed with 11 percent and six percent, respectively. Also, in case you were wondering about the results of Dobb’s poll, “Superb” won by easily with 79 percent of the votes on Twitter. “Great” and “Very Good” only received about 12 and nine percent, respectively. Which was ironized by users:

In a broadcast this week, Noah sarcastically discussed some various coronavirus conspiracies including that it originated from bat soup, that it was a weapon designed to take down the elderly, and that it was caused by 5G. This poll by Trevor Noah’s daily show is a great reminder of how information is treated across media. In times of crisis like this getting the best information possible is a must, in order for everyone to be safe.

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