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Cute Lambs of Insta.

Photo by Kat Jayne on

New Instagram page “Cute Lambs of Ireland” hits at the heartstrings.

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media accounts wishing there was fresh new content to make your day? Well, “Cute Lambs of Ireland” may just be the new page for you!

Posts will be published almost daily with cuddly lambs and green fields at the epicentre of the page.

“It’s an amazing page,” one user, Rory Corbett said, “The highlight of my day is when I get to see cute lambs enjoying themselves”.

Speaking to us today about the page, founder Caoimhe Harney highlighted the connection she has with the cuddly animals as the main reason for the page. “This page was set up in memory of Lillian the lamb.” Harney said, “The smallest and cutest lamb to ever have lived. She brought light to the lives of all that knew her. Her memory will live on.”

The group has garnered widespread attention from the public. In the space of just ten-minutes, Caoimhe’s page had a staggering three followers.

Caoimhe still seems to think that the page will take off but reckons that sheep farmers may be too busy to be taking pictures of lambs to send to her page. She urges people who live in rural areas or beside farms to take pictures of the cute little lambs when they are born. Harney says “the lambing season is nearly over now so  we might have to wait until next year for the small lambs” adding that “ the fat lambs are gone to factory already or are in your freezer.”
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