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Current Asylum: Planet Earth

Photo Credit: mr.spacetrooper via Instagram

The Story of a Space Trooper

Taking inspiration from his Grandfather’s travel expeditions around the world, he wishes to carry forward his legacy, voyaging across the world with a camera in hand, exploring and expressing the art in his own way.

Photo: mr.spacetrooper via Instagram

He describes himself as “an intergalactic space explorer who crash-landed on planet earth after his spaceship had a malfunction. He comes from a planet far far away which got completely destroyed due to a war which broke out amongst his people. Therefore, he has taken asylum on Planet Earth.”

In an interview with The Circular, Mr. Space Trooper shares his story, a captivating blend of fantasy and reality:

What inspires you to put on a suit and travel around places?

I have always had a thing for movies which include space exploration, so thought of starting a character of the same theme. The main aim is to talk about the issues people generally avoid, and to make people more aware about the current situation of planet earth, because the way we are managing the planet, the end is not far away. Someday, hopefully, if I get the fame I’m looking for, I plan to make a small series on MR. SPACE TROOPER.

How do people around you react to see you in a suit?

Sometimes, it’s difficult as getting permission to every place is not easy, but when I do people are quite amazed and wonder if a movie is being shot and come and take pictures with me as you don’t get to see a man wearing a spacesuit and roaming around every day.

What is the best thing about being Mr. Space Trooper?

My identity remains hidden, freedom of speech in terms of political views and definitely the fact that my feed is quite different from the others in terms of expressing my art. One of the happiest experiences would definitely be my trip to Rann of Kutch (Gujarat, India) cause the environment looked just like that of the moon. 

Which cities/countries do you wish to visit?

My photography skills weren’t that good till now, so I ended up taking some classes and invested in a better camera. Now, that I do know how to take star trails and the milky way, I’m planning to cover Northern Europe in order to see the Aurora lights. Basically, all those places where human civilisation is not possible due to harsh environment and also a 20-day road trip across Europe. That’s my major target for this year and side by side all the remaining cities which I haven’t been to in India.

Any life advice for others around you who aspire to live life on their own terms?

You will be in a situation where you would want to give up and go to a safe zone, but I would suggest not to do that, but to believe in yourself and to get up on your own feet. It is because the joy of achieving something on your own cannot be brought by anything else.


By keeping his concept intact and expressing the needful through his art, he further wishes to explore the enthralling places across the globe.

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