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Cultism taking its toll of young lives in Nigeria despite elections

Man shot dead in Edo state by cultists.
Photo credit: Paul E.

The tussle for supremacy or cultism has undeniably become one of the social vices setting the hand of the developmental clock of Africa, particularly Nigeria. The unabated atrocities of secret cults in Nigerian society continue to take tolls on the lives of young and old.

 Many young people have been hacked down in their prime by cultists over the years, and sadly, this trendy as it is now called is nowhere near its point of been stamped out especially as the authorities seem helpless in dealing with the excessive cult groups in the country.

Cultism in Benin, the capital of Edo state in Nigeria, like everywhere else often spills from University grounds to the rural neighbourhoods and vice versa. Conversely, as of late, street urchins (otherwise called Area Boys) have obscured the lines between university cultists and the thrill seeker groups of the area. Nowadays, drug peddlers and other sundry miscreants are now being recruited into the fold.

Nigeria had her general elections on 23rd of February, 2019 and while the elections were ongoing, certain cults group were having a renewed war over issues bothering on domination. It was gathered that the killing of a member of ‘Eiye’ sometimes ago in January 2019 prompted the spark off of the manhunt for all ‘Aye’ members.

The muggers were said to have followed a member of ‘Aye’ group to a tavern where he’s colleague were and promptly started tearing gunshots through the humid morning air. However, unknown to them, the other members of the victim were also armed and they likewise responded and killed one of them instantly, while the other was caught and smashed with a stone on the head when bullets could not penetrate his body.

 A lot of factors have been attributed to the cause of cultism, particularly doing electioneering processes, stemming from corruption, austerity measures and economic reforms. Other flimsy excuses include; supremacy over others, avoidance of intimidation by their peers and to have an edge over girls in their communities.

No rational society should overlook this type of wantonness that comprises a risk to national security and put the eventual fate of our leaders of tomorrow in danger. Therefore, there is a staid need for the government to haggle heartlessly with the issue of cultism including taking suitable measures against the supporters of this viciousness. There should be no relaxation in applying the full load of the law in dealing with guilty parties engaged with this corrupted method of social conduct.

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