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Cuffing season: yet another Millenial theory or a social phenomenon?

According to our 21st-century culture, single people are becoming items … but only until the weather goes back to more hospitable temperatures.

Without you even realising it, its pumpkin spice latte season and after spooky October wraps up the festivities of Halloween well, the pale skin, chapped lips, and multiple layers are soon going to be in style
Today is the first of November meaning cuffing season has officially started. But what exactly is cuffing season?

The term “cuffing” first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2011. As reported by the Guardian, it corresponds to “the run-up to winter when previously contented single people start seeking shelter in the cosiness of a committed relationship – at least until the weather heats up again … “

In this definition, “cuffed” or “cuffing” refers to being “handcuffed” to another person, because you want to tie yourself to someone else, at least temporarily.

Data scientists  Jackson Gorham and Andrew T. Fiore wanted to know more about the phenomenon and created the following chart, evaluating the time of year when people tend to begin a new relationship throughout the year.

” To create this chart, we partitioned users in the U.S. into three ranges based on their self-reported age on Facebook — under 25 years old, between 25 and 44, and 45 and over. For each of these three age ranges, we calculated the net percentage change in relationships for every day in 2010 and 2011. We plotted the distribution of daily values, grouped by month (…) “

This report was prepared by Data Scientists Jackson Gorham and Andrew T. Fiore.


And even science says it’s real. “With the shortening days of autumn, melatonin elevates in the brain — making people more sluggish and eager to lounge at home, preferably with a sweetheart,” says Dr Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific advisor. 

To cuff or not to cuff: That is the question. Make the choice that suits you and your lifestyle best. Season’s greetings!

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