Cricket – Ireland beat West Indies but what if we got some hurlers involved?

Cricketers looking around
Cricketers looking around
Photo Credit: Gone-Walkabout

Last Sunday night, like a rabbit in the headlights, Sky Sports caught me searching around their channels for news about what’s going on at Brentford at the minute. Honest.

Helpfully fog-horning that Ireland were just about to start their first World Cup cricket match against the West Indies, I thought it would be a decent watch for an hour or so.

cricket screamingSource: Paddy Power blog.

If nothing else, it’s funny when everybody starts screaming when a batsman is bowled out.
Ireland won the toss and decided to bowl first which was met with all  the enthusiasm of David Bentley stepping up to take a free for Crossmaglen.


As West Indies thumped 304 runs from 300 balls everybody in the sky studio thought that was that. Only four times previously had a team scored more than that when batting second.

Two of those times were Ireland.

They made it a third time while clunking and whacking all the way to 307.

And that was done without any of our hurlers playing for them. The new TV show that has David Bentley playing football in Armagh could have come at the perfect time to help out the Irish team at the Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.


161 km/h

cricket bowling gifSource: Sportskeeda

181.1 km/h

delaney block gifSource:

 Here are five hurlers that would send Ireland into orbit at the Cricket World Cup.

Paul Flynn – Waterford. Magic man.

Source: DmG DR1FT

Henry Shefflin – Kilkenny. Eat my goal.

Source: tommynn147

TJ Reid – Kilkenny. Skills.

Source: hockeyhurlingshinty5

John Fenton – Cork. Ground Hurling.

Source: Bryansford Gael

Joe Canning – Galway. Definite six.

Source: hockeyhurlingshinty5

Ireland’s next match is against United Arab Emirates next Wednesday February 25th.

cricket hurling gif

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