CreTura, a different metal band

The cover of the album "Monsters in Wonderland" by CreTura
The cover of the album "Monsters in Wonderland" by CreTura

CreTura is a band from Bergen, Norway who gets their inspiration from horror movies, mythology and their own personal experience. You can say that they put some spice on the metal industry, and that they are somehow different from other groups. They have already maintained a big fan-base and got great reviews on their album, but their biggest dream is to perform on bigger arenas and outside of Norway. If they continue in this speed, there is no doubt that the world is ready for some more horror music from CreTura.

Photo from the band

– We want to achieve playing in different places, not just in Norway, but all around the world. The bigger, the better. We take our music very seriously, but we could not have done it without our fans. It takes a certain type to really love and appreciate our music.

CreTura was playing at a festival in Norway called Eggstockfestivalen where they came in third place, and they are making their mark on Facebook, in newspapers and on YouTube.

– We are not going to lie, but there have been fights, and we have lost members within the band. A lot of line up has changed musically and we have performed on a lot of gigs to get our name out there. We will never give up, two years and still going strong!

Their own sound 
The band started in September 2010, and 27 October they played their first gig. The day after they played on Moby Rock, which the band describes as an experience of a lifetime. After they got their name out they started recording in the studio, where they sometimes also mess around when creating good music.

– We have our own sound, and we want to be different from other mainstream groups. The sound we have benefits us all in the band and is the genre we love to play. Our main goal is to be different, which I think we will achieve.

The outcome and response from family and friends has been positive. From someone who has watched their career from the beginning, they have come a long way in only two years.

– We are told that we make just as horrific music as we make beautiful music. Our families are positive to the fact that we make music together, instead of doing other not so quite positive things teens does now a days.

So, do you guys have any words for future artists? 

– Follow your dream and never give the f##k up. Fight for it and don’t let it slip form your hands. Even though it’s hard in the beginning, hard work pays off!

The members of the band 
Charlotte Lingaas (16); Keyboard and backup vocalist
Markus Pettersen (18); Guitar and backup vocalist
Eirik Lothe Jørgensen (18); Lead guitar
Jørgen Beijer (16); Bass
Michael Sveri (16); Drums
Sara Guttorm (20); Vocalist

“CreTura – For The People”

You can also visit their YouTube account here where you can enjoy more music! So, what do you think about their music? Are there any metal-lovers here?

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  1. They get their inspiration from horror movies. Well, I know I like horror movies, soo.. 🙂 Good article, Camilla!

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