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Creativity in the service of Christmas advertising, an interesting ad from Erste Group

Christmas ad from Erste Group - credit Photo : Erste Group

Realizing advertising is a real challenge. Be original, and create a story for a product, service or company. 

Contrary to the usual ad, the new ad from Erste Group is not about their service or the discount they are making for Christmas. At this time of the year many advertisements are released, and as a big company, you better have a good communication department if you want to make a difference.

Objective achieved for Erste Group!

The 2nd of December, the financial company released their first ever international online campaign for Christmas. On the same tone as a fable, the short animation shows the story of a cute hedgehog who arrives in a new school, but unfortunately, his spines scare the other children. In this story, you will discover an endearing character, who looks like a real soft toy.

At first, this ad seems to go in a sad direction however by creating a real sweet and lovely atmosphere, the company uses our emotion to spread a message of love.

“The story of the little hedgehog whose spines are making life hard for him is the story of us all – every one of us has experienced such moments and feelings. Throughout its almost 200-year history, Erste has always supported and believed in people, and will continue to do so. This heart-warming #believeinyourself video builds on our core values and translates them into a sweet Christmas story,” says Martin Radjaby-Rasset, Head of Group Brand Management.

As we all know, Christmas became commercialized, fortunately, some companies go back to the power of believing, sharing and loving.



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