Creating vibes and leading laid back rap: familiarise yourself with Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars (Photo credit: Jacqueline Lerner, Flickr)
Skizzy Mars (Photo credit: Jacqueline Lerner, Flickr)

Myles Mills (a.k.a. Skizzy Mars) has his eyes set on taking over the rap industry. His name may not be  of household status on this side of the Atlantic just yet, but this 23 year old is already making waves in the States for his unity of laid back rap and EDM inspired rhythms fuelled by youthful arrogance.

Skizzy Mars (Photo credit: Jacqueline Lerner, Flickr)
Skizzy Mars (Photo credit: Jacqueline Lerner, Flickr)

But who is this guy ? Skizzy grew up in New York to middle class working parents who were adamant to keep him away from stereotypical trouble that comes with growing up in Harlem. He began writing music in his final year of high school, but went on to begin a course in sports journalism at  Union College, a private liberal arts school. His academic career lived 10 short weeks before he dropped out to pursue his passion for music.

When I was deciding whether or not to drop out of college, he was like, ‘If you put in part-time effort you’re gonna get part-time results.’ And I took that to heart. If I want to be where I want to be, if I want to be like Cudi and Kanye — my idols — then I need to give it full-time.”- Skizzy Mars

The New York native continued writing music and sending it to music bloggers and producers whom he believed would understand his musical concepts.

Skizzy didn’t grow up listening to the forefathers of rap music such as Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, his inspiration came from the next generation of rappers such as Kid Cudi and Kanye West. This is probably why he’s so relatable to us as a generation of millennials. His first two songs “Douchebag” and “Profound” are a reflection of being the black kid who grew up with predominantly white kids in Harlem. He has already been compared to the likes of his idols at the tender age of 23 and only looks set to get bigger and better. Being a man of quality over quantity he released The Red Balloon Project in 2015, a seven song EP which debuted at 35 on the Billboard top 200 chart. If you’re putting together your summer time playlists ahead of the coming months I cannot recommend adding “Be Lazy” and “Time (featuring G-Eazy)” to your list. Using luminous bass beats and witty lyrics that tap into a millennial mind set, the rapper has defined the term “vibes” through his songs on this EP.

In an interview with Young and Reckless, Skizzy describes himself as “one of the voices of the youth”, as he charts his experiences progressing through the music industry and expressing themes such as love, sex, heartbreak, drugs and life in his lyrics. He started touring as the opening act for rapper G-Eazy in 2013, whom he has since made a couple of chilled-out collaborations with.

In April of last year, he released his first studio album “Alone Together”. This album was produced with similar up-tempo lyrics and an under lying essence of mellow electric dance music. The lyrics are all reflective of aspects the twenty-something-year old social media culture today, nodding to every fad from “Netflix and chilling” to acknowledgement of what it is to be a “hipster”.

Not only is Mars representative of our generation on a level of terminology but in an era of embracing positive mental health he’s been an example of positive movement for discussing depression. He has openly admitted that he suffers from social anxiety and uses music as his outlet for this. At the end of last year, he checked himself into rehab to address some of his mental health issues that couldn’t be resolved through producing music.

He took to Twitter to acknowledge he was seeking help, setting an example for others and stating he wanted to get better for his fans. Since then he seems to be back on social media sphere and has tweeted that he is creating new music, not wasting any time and jumping straight back into his bright future in the rap music industry.


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