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Cracking the biking code

Photo by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

Photo by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

We all often say we are obsessed with things we think we really love. But does love really co-relate with obsession? How much do you love something which makes you think that your day could start and end on that particular thing or you could say it’s your true love at first sight?
Ciaran Kennedy’s story, from a small town of Kildare County, Ireland could perfectly fit the above and portray that we all can have something in our life which could help us get past anything if we truly have that one true love in our life whether its during our blues or not and it does not necessarily mean a presence of another person in our lives.

Biking isn’t something that was completely instant for him. His connection with the bikes go back to years ago. He started cycling during his childhood but somehow he lost a track of it but a decade later he rediscovered it.

He was just 4 years old when one day he just decided to get on the road and peddle to the top of a small hill. A little too brave for a little man, isn’t it? It was surely a big thing to achieve for a boy of that age and now that’s what is one of his oldest memories on the road. He was never taught by anyone while growing up. It was a passion that grew from within which turned into big ambitions.

Photos by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

His love for bikes does not end only being on the roads but also the designs and mechanics of a cycle. He’s obsessed with the beauty of its engineering, little pedal machines and would start his day just gazing at them. Usually high performing bikes are quite expensive. So he tends to work and source parts of the cycle himself to make them look better, which somehow satisfies him and distracts him if ever he needs it. A lot of the time it leads to head scratching, assembly, disassembly and ultimately reassembly but the results in his opinion are way more rewarding. To know every nut and bolt on the bike is a reassuring thing for him.

One of his biggest fascination goes back to an article he read with a ton of photos from inside the Coinage, a museum in Italy; a few years ago. He quoted, “Coinage’s aren’t made they’re crafted. There is an elite class of machines and these lads are at the top of it, even the pope has a gold Coinage!’: The statement surely shows his excitement!

Photos by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

When he was asked about his dream cycling trip; he said, “Easy, I would consider selling an organ if I could cycle from one side of Europe to India. I’ve always wanted to do it, been a dream for a few years now. Myself and a best friend have joked about it, maybe someday:’

Photo by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

Being a chef, the kitchen gets really busy and intense. What got him into biking even more than ever was because of an instance in his life. He said, “I was working in a really busy kitchen and had a fight with my head chef. He kicked me out of the kitchen and sent me home for the day. Taking this quite personally, I called a best friend of mine, at the top a bicycle courier in the Dublin city centre. Told him the situation and his response was to meet me in the city with a spare bike. We cycled from Grand Canal Square to the lighthouse in Southwall. There we sat, had a coffee and shared a smoke before I decided I would cycle from here back to my house in Leixlip. That cycle killed me, but I was hooked:’

His love and fascination for bikes doesn’t end here. He finds it peaceful and while peddling a good bike, he can feel the work and effort that’s been put into it. He not only respects his bikes but also values it more than anything else. No matter what the weather throws at him, he would cycle anywhere and everywhere.

One of his greatest biking trip was in the year 2018 when he cycled cross country from London to Amsterdam. It was not once but he did that trip twice as he fell in love with the intimate way of exploring the Dutch infrastructures. Surely a great way to explore a country side!

Photo by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

Upon asking about one of his favourite bikes, he reacted saying, “That’s like asking to pick a favourite child:’ According to him, mountain bikes have a certain appeal, real mountain bikes appeal to the screaming lunatic within. Nothing beats flying down a mountain side. Then there’s cyclocross and road cycles, which are totally different experiences. For him Cyclocross is a great class of bike and his personal favourite having built one and maintained it for a few years now. Cx is great for exploring and getting around. Road cycling, it’s the most technical of the lot, from bike sizing to power application and wind resistance, all these things are factors before one even sets off on a road cycle. Road bike maximises speed and power and distance on a smooth surface.

Last but not the least, his true love even has names and being impulsive, he has around six of them at the moment. As far as the names go, some are jokes, some come over time and some of the names just fit the profile. The names that he mentioned were Lucy, Alice, Thunderhorse, Cooper, Blue and Prospector.

What’s your favourite bike or your dream biking trip? How much do you love biking? Does your passion match his obsession for bikes? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

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