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#CovidRobbedMySchoolYear: Students hampered by Covid-19 support each other on Twitter

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Since almost a year now, the pandemic of Covid-19 completely impacts our lives. Adapt, learn to live with the virus and the new standards and restrictions that come with it have marked our daily lives. The current situation is also strongly impacting the students, who find themselves restricted in the face of this unexpected new way of life. Hit hard by the difficult time we’re living in, they have to deal with the disappointment of cancelling their projects and reviewing their expectations regarding their student life. Some of them gathered on Twitter through the community “#CovidRobbedMySchoolYear”, where they can share the trials they are going throw with a touch of irony and demagoguery. A hashtag of solidarity that enables them to share their experience with Covid-19 in their country and how it is impacting them in their studies. A message of hope and unity to forget the disappointment caused by this pandemic.

Every year, Christmas celebrations are a big thing for Léanna Noallion’s family, but this year she couldn’t participate. This international student from France was stuck in her student room in the University of the West of Scotland and celebrated Christmas on his own. After considering several alternatives to visit her family in the south of France, she finally had to change her plans. 

“It was impossible to return for these vacations. See that some of my classmates were able to do it was heartbreaking. Unfortunately, because of this pandemic, loads of flights were cancelled and the prices rose, and I couldn’t afford it”.  

Instead, she had to experience loneliness in her quite empty campus, waiting for the return of her flat mates. An end of the year that she definitely does not consider like others. 

“It’s a bit hard to deal with it, because I know that I will maybe not see them until the end of the school year”. 

For Addison Nowell, a last year finance student, not seeing his family is not the major problem, it is rather the fact of being stuck without being able to do anything that annoys him. This pandemic ruined all his expectations of his student life. 

“This is my final year, and it is absolutely not what I expected. It’s a shame because I would’ve liked to benefit more from the end of my studies”, he says. 

“This year is definitely a lost year of studies”.

All over Great Britain, students have to deal with this unprecedented virus that paralyses them in their daily life. The consequences of this situation also have an impact on student work. For Katie Richards, a student at the University of Manchester, the consequences of the Covid-19 on her daily life are getting hard to support, whether in her studies or her social life. 

“Covid has impacted my studies because I have been unable to into university to do practical work, which could further my understanding of the topics we’re learning about. In my student life, it also stopped me from being able to go out and make friends at university effectively. My situation isn’t that bad but it’s still having an effect on my mental health”.

Meanwhile, Hannah Bianchi-Jones, a first-year student in Performing Arts at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, is also trying to adapt to a new way of life. As she’s studying a very practical course including dance and acting, she has to adapt and practice at home in a very tiny space, which represents a challenge for her and her classmates. 

“I feel that Covid has been more of an issue for me with my studies than for others. We had to adapt of course and got used to dancing with the small space we have in our rooms, singing together in the kitchen and performing monologues over zoom. On top of that, not being able to socialise as usual is probably the most annoying and frustrating thing for me”. 

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