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Started in the city of Wuhan in early December has now into a global health emergency. We all have questions how harmful is this virus is, what are the symptoms and how can we stay save.

Corona viruses are large family of viruses that can cause most common to severe illness such as cold, cough, fever, Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome kidney failure and even death. Health official are still tracing the exact source of this new coronavirus some previous examinations revealed that it may be linked to a seafood market located in Wuhan, China.

This family of corona viruses COVID-19 is zootonic in nature means they can easily transmit between people and animals. It  appears  that  symptoms related  to  corona  virus start  to show  up with in the 14 days  of  exposure to corona virus.

The diagnosis of COVID-19 is difficult with just a physical examination because mild may appear in the form of cough and flu only a laboratory test can confirm the diagnosis. As of march 20, 2020 10,067 deaths have been reported becauseCOVID-19 and 86.037 people have been recovered from the illness.

There is  no  vacancies for corona virus yet  Some standard precautions to avoid infection spread include keeping  social  distance, covering mouth  and  nose while coughing and sneezing, covering  mouth and  nose  with  a  mask while going out, wearing gloves, avoid touching the  eyes, ears  and  nose, regular hand  washing and  thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.

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